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Junior SIPP

Start saving just a small amount now on behalf of a child to make a real difference to their future.

Important information - please keep in mind that the value of investments can go down as well as up so you may not get back what you invest. Eligibility to invest in a Junior SIPP depends on personal circumstances and all tax rules may change in the future. Control over the investments passes to the child once they turn 18 and withdrawals will not normally be possible until they reach 55.

Giving your child a head start

A tax-efficient way to build a retirement nest egg for your child. The Junior SIPP allowance for the 2021/22 tax year is £3,600, and you have until 5 April 2022 to use it. Control of the pension passes automatically to your child at 18, however the money is locked away until retirement age (usually 55).


Begin saving today

From just £20 a month, the government will add 25% to each payment*. Friends and family can gift money too.


No service fee

We don't charge a service fee on junior accounts


Here to help

Our UK and Ireland-based call centres are open six days a week.


A wealth of choice

Choose from thousands of funds and shares to invest in.


Expert guidance

Including insights and planning tools to help you on your way.


Always at your fingertips

Manage investments 24/7 with our secure online service and apps

*To pay in a total of £1,000 to your Junior SIPP, you would only need to contribute £800, and the government would pay the other £200.

The power of starting now

When your child is born, if you invest just £2,880 (topped up to £3,600 by the government), it could grow to approximately £117,000 by the time they are 65, which could make a huge difference to their retirement savings. This is thanks to long-term growth potential and the effect of compounding.


Tax rules and reliefs are likely to change between now and a child’s retirement and the eligibility to invest in a pension will depend on personal circumstances. The amount you might get back at 65 is only a projection, it's not guaranteed. Please remember, how your investments perform and the charges may affect the value of your investments and you may not get back the amount you invested. You will not normally be able to withdraw money from a pension until you are 55. 

How a Junior SIPP works


How much can you save?

  • Contribute from as little as £20 a month
  • Set up a regular savings plan or pay in lump sums
  • Contribute up to £2,880 a year and the government will add £720 basic tax relief (20%) taking the total up to £3,600

A world of investment options

  • Over 3,000 funds
  • Large selection of UK shares, growing all the time
  • Investment trusts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Investment solutions from our experts
Choose investments

With you every step of the way

  • Get expert guidance emails and articles to help you invest 
  • Receive a statement and valuation every six months to help keep track of your investments
  • Manage your Junior SIPP 24/7 online or on our app

Let’s get started

You can open a Junior SIPP for a child if you are their parent or guardian. The account is held in the child’s name and the child must be under the age of 18.

Open your Junior SIPP

Fill out the form we provide you with below, and start a regular savings plan from £20, or contribute at least £800.

Transfer your Junior SIPP

Enter details of your current provider, we'll do the rest and let you know when it's complete.

Junior SIPP FAQs

How do I pass a Junior SIPP on to my child?
Why start a pension for your child?
How much can I pay into my child’s pension?

Important information: This information is not a personal recommendation for any particular product, service or course of action. If you are unsure about the suitability of a Junior SIPP for your personal circumstances, you should speak to an authorised financial adviser.

1Source: Fidelity International at 31.12.2020