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Extra support when you need it

Extending a helping hand to vulnerable customers where we can.

A problem shared

There are all sorts of reasons why you might feel vulnerable during your lifetime - from dealing with your own health issues or a loved one's (such as dementia), to bereavement, divorce, financial hardship or even domestic or financial abuse.   

We can't promise we've got all the answers to life's problems, but we can promise to listen and deal with your needs sensitively and compassionately. We even have specially trained team members - vulnerable customer champions - who have experience of dealing with the struggles our customers face. But we can only help you, if you let us know you need it.

Practical support

As well as lending an ear, our specialist teams are on hand to provide additional support. So, if you're having difficulty with your physical or mental health; have a terminal illness; are a carer, or have one yourself; need help understanding any documents we send or have difficulty filling out forms... get in touch to see how we can help.

Our extended client services team can also convert your documentation into one of the following formats.

  • Large print
  • Audio CD
  • Braille
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Making a difference where we can

When we're at our most vulnerable, emotions can run high. We'll always put your best interests at heart - even if we can't help in the way you might like (which will be for all the right reasons). Here are some real life scenarios where we've been able to flex our services to support our customers.

Taking action

A customer was concerned a family member would access their funds without their consent.

Working with you

An elderly customer had physical health issues and needs to visit his wife in a care home daily.

Being flexible

A daughter with power of attorney for a parent living with dementia called to close her parent's account.

Providing extra support

A customer with a neurological condition tried to transfer a cash ISA to us, but struggled with the process.

Our commitment to you

If you're feeling vulnerable, we want to make sure the service you receive from Fidelity isn't compromised in any way. How?

  • Ease – We're making it easier for you to tell us about your needs.
  • Communications – We're making our website, email and letters as clear as possible so that you understand what we need you to do in response.
  • Sensitivity – We're treating your disclosure of any vulnerability respectfully, confidentially and sensitively.
  • Data – With your permission, we're using the data you provide to give you the help you need and improve our products and services.
  • Flexibility – We're working hard to make our products and services available through your preferred route - mobile devices, PC and Mac.
  • Help – We're always sure to tell you where more help is available.
  • Impact – We're doing our best to think through what the impact is on vulnerable customers when dealing with unprecedented market events (such as the Coronavirus pandemic).
  • Outcomes – We're testing outcomes for vulnerable customers to ensure they're as intended. And we're rectifying issues when we spot them.
  • Once – We're making sure you only need to tell us once about something that affects you (no matter what part of Fidelity you belong to).
  • Capability – We're training our employees to have a greater level of awareness and understanding regarding vulnerable customers.

Struggling financially?

If you need wider support with your financial situation, there are plenty of organisations ready and willing to help.

If you're looking to access your investments, please do call us. Please be aware that certain products - like pensions - have regulations surrounding how, why and when you can access them.

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Moments when you might need more from us

Receiving an inheritance

If you've been left an inheritance by a loved one, we understand that you want to do right by them. Our page has some useful information to help you make decisions that you'll feel comfortable with.

Fidelity's bereavement process

There's so much to think about when someone you love passes. It can be an extremely sad, confusing and stressful time. Once you're ready, we’re here to help with any investments they held with us.

Thinking about divorce

It’s not easy when a relationship falls apart but making the right decisions about a divorce can help you get to the other side. Here are some things to think about.

Having a baby later in life

There are many joys to having children later in life but there’s no doubt it can disrupt even the best-laid financial plans. We look at some of the financial considerations.